SONACA and NOVAE AEROSPACE are proud to announce the launch of “Aero Forming Transylvania”

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Press Release – April 19, 2016

SONACA and NOVAE AEROSPACE are proud to announce the launch of “AERO FORMING Transylvania”, a leading player in stretching elementary parts of aerostructures, thus increasing production to meet demand ramp up, resulting from new major aerospace manufacturing programs.

Specialists in the manufacturing and assembly of complex aerostructures, and market leaders in the supply of skins and mobile sub-assemblies for fixed-wing aircraft, SONACA and NOVAE AEROSPACE are announcing the creation of a joint company: AERO FORMING Transylvania.

Established in Romania in the city of Turda, near Cluj-Napoca, the capital of Transylvania, the new company has an initial investment of €18M, and will be operational in 2017.

With SONACA controlling 60% and NOVAE AEROSPACE controlling 40%, the AERO FORMING Transylvania joint venture enables both partners to pool their industrial knowledge on these technologies, and create a major player within the aerostructure elementary parts and sub-assemblies production chain.

The joint venture is the result of both groups’ common ambitions, to put at their clients disposal – aircraft  manufacturers and global Tier-1 companies in the aeronautical and space industries – a technically innovative and competitive solution in the field of stretching medium and large sheet-metal parts, aiming to secure rampup created by the demands of new manufacturing programs.

In recent years, both partners have adapted their industrial organisations to respond to the changes and challenges of the aerospace industry. Strengthening their manufacturing bases in Belgium for SONACA, and in France for NOVAE AEROSPACE, they have both already invested in Romania, due to the excellence in expertise that the country has developed in specialised technologies for aerostructures.

By creating AERO FORMING Transylvania, SONACA and NOVAE AEROSPACE demonstrate to their clients the unique competitiveness of their globalised industrial strategy, organised around production sites close to the final assembly lines and other units located within the “best cost” region.

Bernard Delvaux, SONACA CEO: “This joint-venture is an excellent opportunity for the SONACA group to develop its manufacturing activity in an increasingly competitive aerostructure market environment. The partnership with NOVAE AEROSPACE ensures that the capacity of this new modern and efficient structure is fully utilised”.

Cédric Taveau, NOVAE AEROSPACE CEO: “Based on our successes in manufacturing sheet metal parts in Romania over a number of years, we are pleased and proud to lead this ambitious project with SONACA, a recognised partner in the aerostructure market. We are ideally positioned to support aerospace programs ramp up, and bring to our clients the competitive solutions and industrial expertise that they are looking for”.


Novae Aerospace wants to double size in five years

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“When, in 2011, a young company in aerospace services, Novae Aerospace, created ex nihilo in 2003 by two young entrepreneurs, Sébastien and Cédric Taveau, purchase Reims Aérospace for 30 000 euros, the future of this French aerostructures manufacturer seems doomed. Separated from aircraft manufacturer Reims Aviation, the sub-contractor of Airbus and Dassault, dating back to 1933, loses half of its turnover as well as over half of its 200 employees and narrowly escaping liquidation.[…]”

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“Novae Aerospace thinks big” AIR&COSMOS

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“The company puts new measures into place allowing for expansion of its activites in aerostructures and related services.

Even though its headquarters is based in Paris, the Novae Aerospace group retains its Champagne region identity. Part of the group’s future development is, as a matter of fact, planned at the Reims-Prunay airfield location. And to further demonstrate their ambition as key players in aerostructures and services, the group does not hesitate to change its name. […]”

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“Aerolan and Novae Technology become Novae Aerospace” LE JOURNAL DE L’AVIATION

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“A 15-million euro investment as well as recruitments accompany this reorganisation. The Novae group takes a new direction. Created in 2011 by the Taveau brothers, Sébastien (age 39) and Cédric (age 42), following the takeover of the bankrupt Reims Aerospace, the identity of the group changes and is renamed Novae Aerospace, after the merger of Novae Technology (established in 2003 by Sébastien Taveau) and Aerolan (ex-Reims Aerospace). […]”

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AEROLEAN invests in manufacturing of basic parts & in TSA

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AEROLEAN, the industrial subsidiary of NOVAE group has launched investment of its new line of automated surface treatment. This line should see the light of day in early 2014. The line is characterized by a doubling capacity and by the implementation of AST process. The investment is part of a more global structuring plan aiming excellence in the basic parts subsidiary and the updating of the Prunay site


“Novae Aerospace invests 15 million euros and takes on a new dimension” L’USINE NOUVELLE

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“Novae Aerospace invests as much on its historic Reims-Prunay (Mame) site, taken over in 2011, as it does in its factory established in 2012 in the Brasov region of Romania. With its new means of production, the complex aerostructures specialist aims for this mid-sized company to work alongside aircraft manufacturers worldwide. […]”

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AEROLEAN & PSAEROSPACE massive investment

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The NOVAE Technology group is investing massively on their infrastructure and its means of production of basic parts on its Reims-Prunay site as well as on its Brasov site in Romania.

A total of 7M€ will be invested in 2014 with the expansion and updating of Reims site, new means of machining 5 axes of medium/large dimension (4m) intended for the consolidation of its equipped frame division ; Means of automated surface treatment in medium/large dimension (4m) integrating AST, OAC, OAS, Alodine and integrated penetrant testing, new routing machines and boiler making.

This initial phase of investment is part of a more global plan of 12M€ in the years to come designed to consolidate AEROLEAN as a key player in manufacturing of aerostructure Work-Package in global production outsourcing.